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How Community Involvement Can Boost Your Bottom Line And Making Sure Your Money Is Put To Work.

When deciding on what my article would be for this our 10th Anniversary of  CASA of Venango County. I was reminded at a monthly meeting at the small community chapel in Henry’s Bend, that donations were needed for the Annual Raffle held each year in July. I quickly spoke up and said that I would donate the Lottery Basket as I have in years past. But when I got home I thought could I do more, should I do more? Each year, we file a report card on our financial lives. It tells us what we earned, a bit about what we saved, some details on what we own and often includes a tally of our generosity. Now I know that most of us don’t read their tax returns this way, most of us look at the refund we are getting or in some cases what we need to pay to the federal government; but this got me to think about my families giving. Many who are reading this article know that for most of my adult working life I have only worked for nonprofits. So yes I know too well about giving and receiving. But I thought I need to take a closer look. So we did and we as a family to put our money were are mouth is, so to speak.  I hope you do too!                          


Please join us for our Open House/ Mixer


APRIL16, 2015 from 5-7 at the 206 Seneca St Suite 35

Light Refreshments will be served by Classy Catering

We are celebrating 10 years of Service to the County of Venango! 
Please RSVP to CASA 814-670-0550 Ext 2 or to the Venango Chamber.    Cinnamon Sue Evans
Executive Director

See the events page for upcoming Fundraisers!           

   A CASA is an official part of judicial proceedings, working alongside attorneys and foster care case managers. By handling only one case at a time the CASA has time to thoroughly explore the history of each assigned case. The CASA role is comprised of advocating, investigating, facilitating, and monitoring. This is accomplished by talking to the child, parents, family members, neighbors, school officials, doctors and others involved in the child's life or family's life at one time or another who might have facts about the case. The volunteer reviews all court facts and documents pertaining to the case. The CASA helps to facilitate a collaborative relationship between all parties on the case. He/she submits written reports including recommendations as to the best interest of the child/children to the Judge at every scheduled hearing. The CASA continues involvement with the child/children in the case to assure that the judicial and child welfare systems are moving ahead to secure a safe, permanent home for the child/children and that court-ordered services are provided to them and the family. Each volunteer assigned to a case is supervised by one of the program's staff to assure consistency in volunteer activities and as a resource and guide in the complexity of child welfare proceedings.



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